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Am back :)

Memorial Day weekend totally rocked as it included a visit to Hurricane Harbor (Six Flags) and I didn't even get tanned (WOOT!). Yeah, being south asian means that while I've never gotten sunburnt, my arms and legs usually turn the color of hot cocoa while my tummy remains the colors of one of those starburcks frappacinos from the grocery store - uneven tans just suck.

Hmm, me thirsty. Anyway, will get cracking on the stuff that needed doing :)
Welcome back!

Hmm... does this also mean that you are less prone to sun-burn? That's gotta be good!
*hugs* Missed LJ XD

Lol, I'm not sure if I'd mind sunburns for a week or two if it meant having an even skin tone the rest of the time >_>
Try Soompi for Dal Ja's spring uploads. They have it MU. You just need to register. No need to post to access the links. =D
Glad you had fun. I know all about uneven tans. I get a brown face and arms and the rest of me stays bone white.
....I will never be able to see Starbucks Frappucinos in the same way again.