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Mo layouts and pr0ny stuff

[001] Just got up a layout for terminus_hd - will see about getting images/gradients added on the weekend. The new layout for hd_holidays is also up and I think all the bugs have been cleared >_> All that's on the to do list is coding for my opal layout :)

[002] One of my favorite boy bands of the 90s was Boyzone. Thanks to l_vera01, I just found out that not only are they back together but OMG, promo photo with them almost naked! How can they look better than they did ten years ago? God. I don't think I've ever slapped my hand across my mouth so fast and hard ^o^

[003] A while ago libby_drew posted about the Kawasaki’s annual fertility festival aka PENIS FESTIVAL - omg, the lollipops! *headdesks so much*

[004] The focus of the summer is going to be on getting my website together and my internship - I'm still not sure if the latter is going to get in the way of Terminus :(
*amused* That's like the candies we got in Norway/Sweden called boobs and bums. And they were just that - little candy boobs and bums. *laughs* I didn't believe Kari until we saw for ourselves and of course chibi just had to have some. roflmao

Boyzone are back together? Wow, that brings back memories...I used to like Stephen Gately. *chuckles* Want me to see if I can get their CD for you if they come out with one? I'm sure they'll sell it here, or if worst comes to worst, I can go to NI to get it...
a quick note about your codes for lj:
if a person wants to change the layout to be aligned left, they have to delete the comments in the code of the customization guide (ie, the words inside the /* */'s). otherwise, the css breaks and the page loses all css styles.

it was frustrating trying to figure that out for a while there ^^
That Boyzone picture? OH MY! *is going to their reunion tour this Saturday* *squees* :) :)
The Boyzone boys were, y'know, cute before - but now, whew, smoking hot. *is very amused with the lollipeens*
OMG, promo photo
My grandmother came to show that to me, saying something like 'see how your favourites have lost their marbles?' (the closest translation I could make) and I was biting my lip and wondering how she'd take it if I said they looked good. ^_^

Also, I accidentally backed up the program, so everything's ok :D