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Dramas - The Watch List

Watching at the Moment:

  1. Powerful Opponents - THIS IS AWESOME

  2. Iljimae (Basically the Korean idea of Robin Hood, which happens to star Lee Jun Ki *_*)

  3. Kiken na Aneki (Ito Misaki seems to have improved at acting...I think)

  4. Time of Dog and Wolf - Last year's Lee Jun Ki Drama which I'm going to marathon tom

  5. Dal Ja's Spring - Last year's Chae Rim drama

Going to Check Out: Rookies, Around 40, Guren Onna, Kimi Hannin Janai yo ne, Kekkon Dekinai Otoko, Katagoshi no Koibito, Zettai Kareshi and Bara no nai Hanaya.

Downloading via: Soompi, Veoh TV (which is surprisingly fast) and jdramas

I never thought I'd reach the point where I'd run out of dramas to watch but I seem to be getting I wish I could erase Coffee Prince and Nodame Cantabile from memory simply so I could fall in love with them all over again ♥ Heck I'll throw in HYD and Gokusen 'cause they both grew on me like fungii...
HYD was so amazing Im so excited for this final part! I need to watch all of Nodame Cantabile (i didnt get too far on that one) ... my drama that i fell in love with was Hana Kimi (Japanese version), just the randomness of it was so awesome! Another good one was Hanayome wo Yakodoushi (thinks thats the right spelling) ... bleh i need to start watching dramas again

and I heard Zettai Kareshi is amazing ... i read a bit of the manga
# Kiken na Aneki = LOVE.
Time of Dog and Wolf - I wanna watch it, I just need to fit it in between Gokusen 3 and Zettai Kareshi x.x

I LOVE Coffee Prince so much that I like, bought it from someone on Soompi. Nodame Cantabile is something I also wanna watch.

I love love LOVED HYD and HYD2<333 Gokusen 1&2=love and I'm loving part 3.
If you're interested in Iljimae, how about checking out Hong Gil Dong?

(The first ep of Iljimae had me in stitches...)
Also, forgot to ask you - are you watching the HYD movie (out this June 28th) or the Korean version this fall?