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Layout: S2 Flexible Squares - Dual

Style: S2 Flexible Squares
Best view: optimized for 1024px wide
Browsers Tested On: Latest versions of IE, Opera and Firefox only
Navbar:Works with AND without it!
Custom Comment Pages: Yes!

Layout : Dual

Live Previews:
Without navstrip & a full length sidebar: HERE
With minimalist navstrip and custom header @ terminus_hd

  • Fluid/stretchable layout which is easily changed to fixed width!
  • Perfectly centralized entries
  • Userpics on the left BUT they do not get in the way of the entry posts
  • Custom comment pages included
  • Tags in scrollbox
  • With or without navstrip
  • You can also add a header or change the colors (blue & green)

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Thanks for this layout. It's beyond lovely. Credited you of course :)
Your layouts never fail to be completely AWESOME. I'm using this one right now, thank you so much!
Wow, this is delicious. Used it and it turned out very nicely!

P.S. - Also credited you. :)
Using this with custom colors. Credited, of course. This is sleek and functional. I love it. Thanks!
Love this layout. Will be using - and crediting. Thank you so much.

Oh, and I especially loved all the information you supplied - a fantastic help to lj challenged users like myself.
Got mine to work and did quite a bit of editing ^ ^

Still need to work on those buttons and the tags, but other then that, yay!
It's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! :D
I just found your journal and I love your layouts. I'm testing this one out in my old journal (I always do that before moving a layout to my current one) and was wondering if there was anyway for there to not be that much gray space at the top? Here is what it looks like so far on my old journal:

I'd like to move it all up a bit and get rid of all that gray space at the top, if possible. Thanks!

I've seen you say somewhere that you appreciate feedback for your layouts, so here are my thoughts on this one. Hope that's ok.

Plus side:

- super easy implementation
- it looks amazingly sleak yet, I dunno, bold in a way (I'm looking at my friends page constantly, because I can't get over how good it looks)
- no text wrapped around icons (hate that)
- the colors! *thumbs up*

Not so plus side:

- I kinda miss the boxes with Links from your smooth sailing layouts. I could put titles on the links there (those that show up, when the mouse hovers over the link), and those cracked me up :D
- I had to change my journal title - though I'm guessing once I've One Day made myself a header, I can rename it? Not very important.
- there is this weird area right at the top of my journal and my friends-page both, where the text isn't highlightable with the mouse (in Firefox 2 or in Konqueror) and things aren't clickable. It's maybe the first 2-3 centimeters of the first entry on a page, so not very important. Weird, though. Also makes the archive not work for me.

It'd be my kind of perfect and I'd offer first borns, if:

- my name was in or around the little box with the default icon, and names generally were under or around the icons for each entry. Though I get that that probably would eff up the whole look.
- the text in the blurb box wasn't centered. Hate that.
- it was easier to get to the 'track', 'tag', 'edit tags' and 'edit' buttons. I use those kind of a lot.
- the colors for friend groups worked. Though I only just tried it out, and it might not be this (and your smooth sailing one I used before) 'fault' but my own for being clueless.

O.o This has gone wrong somewhere. I was determined to have the plus-side outweigh the minus-side, since it does (does it ever). Oops? Anyhow. Thanks so much again for this gorgeous layout. Appreciate it.