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Layout: S2 Flexible Squares - Dual

Style: S2 Flexible Squares
Best view: optimized for 1024px wide
Browsers Tested On: Latest versions of IE, Opera and Firefox only
Navbar:Works with AND without it!
Custom Comment Pages: Yes!

Layout : Dual

Live Previews:
Without navstrip & a full length sidebar: HERE
With minimalist navstrip and custom header @ terminus_hd

  • Fluid/stretchable layout which is easily changed to fixed width!
  • Perfectly centralized entries
  • Userpics on the left BUT they do not get in the way of the entry posts
  • Custom comment pages included
  • Tags in scrollbox
  • With or without navstrip
  • You can also add a header or change the colors (blue & green)

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I gratefully use this layout (I love it) but I was wondering if there was a way to add more sidebar boxes. I looked through s2flexiblesquares and s2howto but neither seemed to make sense with the layout.

Any chance you could help?

This is a gorgeous layout! I'm using it for my community and have credited in the links in the side bar :)

as you can see on my comm page the blurb and default user pic gets jumbled up and I can't find the code to fix it! Can i please ask you for help..?

I've loaded my css file here:

I changed the colors:

Green titles and lj user links are #73AD10 - Replaced with d7b054

Green sidebar titles and header border are #80c020 - Replaced with e0c06d

But for some curious reason the sidebar titles are still!
Since this is an already uploaded CSS file, how would I go about making the comment/edit/track/etc links into icons like you have?
Ummm. Took the layout and modified the heck out of it, I'm putting up credits now. ♥
HIIIIII. :D I stalk you regularily and I JUST FOUND THIS LAYOUT (admittedly, VERY LATE....) and zl;ksja;doi ITS PERFECT only the comment pages are getting on my nerves. :o

They don't STACK properly. They don't stack like the comments you have on this page, like, with every reply, the comment box gets smaller? I looked through the CSS to see if I could change it but... um. I am kind of failsauce with CSS and I can't figure it out. D:

I really like the BASIC look of these comments (no lines and crap in the way) and I'm wondering if there is a way to do that for THIS layout...? I will fiddle with the code and see if I can get it to work but OMG IF YOU COULD HELP I WOULD APPRECIATE IT. :O

<3 TY in advance for any helps. :D
Re: Layout link is down!!!
I just emailed dreamhost support so they'll have it back up asap!