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Randomness :)

[001] Ok, I'll be the first to yell that Firefox is not my primary browser - I've been using Opera since highschool and it's just awesomesauce. STILL, I think I'm going to help Firefox break the world record since it would be a bonus for alternatve browsers everywhere. Go and make a pledge!

[002] When it comes to tutorials, I tend to roll my eyes at elemental effects like fire, ice, earth etc. since the graphics look so incredibly tacky most of the time. However, the latest tutorial from PSDTUTS made my jaw drop 'cause it's simply stunning ^o^ One of the best text tutorials I've seen in a long time. There's also the grass effect that was pretty amazing too.

[003] I subscribed to licdfeed a while ago which is the feed for the Least I Could Do comic (wiki entry). OMG, RAYNE REMINDS ME SO MUCH OF DEAN WINCHESTER+ another earlier example XD. I should point out that he is impersonating an officer too. I think Im going to love this as much as sinfestfeed. Oh yes, definitely ♥ And LOL.

[004] Since it's almost June, how about some desktop wallpapers for the new month?

[005] If gas prices are driving you insane, here's an awesome post with links to sites that'll help you find the CHEAPEST gas station in town!

[006] Has anyone tried using skribit? It seems incredibly nifty - especially since it looks like the web 2.0 version of polls :)
My hubby sent me a link to that gas price site. I feel for the people living in California and New York.
I love those wallpapers :) I always want Monthly wallpapers, thanks for that site link :)

Go Firefox! I have used it ever since I first heard of it back in 1st year Uni and haven't gone back since.
Hahaha, I used to have hundred of wallpapers I'd switch through automatically but now I just stick to one. Might go back to multiples in future though :)

Firefox always felt a bit late IMO - I saw it and was like - where were you when I was in highschool and had 12+ windows of IE crashing my computer? I'd have never gotten through all those research reports back then without Opera ♥
If only that list applies to Malaysia as well. *le sigh*

Thank you so much for the PS tutorial! The link I had before of PS tutorials had died so I was looking for a new one. You, hun, are a life-saver.
I know :( Unfortunately, most nifty stuff online seems to focus on USA (yelp, map directions etc.)

PSPTUTS is *the* place for tutorials IMO - some of the older stuff is really wonderful and it's definitely helped with design :) Smashing Magazine is the other site I have on feeds :)
thanks for the wallpaper link. some of those things are super pretty
We would be curently paying $8.766 per US gallon at today's petrol prices of $2.32 per litre. Ouch!