Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Gift advice?

One of my cousins is going to India to get surgery on his hips/legs and will be in intense physiotherapy for the summer.

My sis and I wanted to buy something online and send it over to him. Unfortunately the only things we can think of are novels or a portable DVD player for use when he's bedridden in the first week or so. Does anyone have any suggestions for gifts in this kind of a situation?

He's actually the third family member to be in Mumbai/Bobmbay for an operation this month - but the only one who will be in therapy for so long. My mom had a ear operation and my other (older) cousin had a brain tumor - both operations were a resounding success so hopefully it's a sign that things should be alright for my younger cousin.

Still, WTF is up with this year and all the medical issues and deaths?

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