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Wait, HBP in November?

OMG, HBP is releasing in 5 months? I thought it was coming out next year or something! 21st November? O_O

Well, noticed the latest photos which are pretty awful in quality. Corrected the second one a bit in PS so I could stare a bit more.

I present to you the stars of the HBP movie:

ETA: OMG, this pic of Harry actually makes me think of lillithiums's art O_O

Ok, minus the gawking crowd and Filch >_>

Damn you artsy cameras and your selective focus *shakes fist*

Considering how little screentime Draco has had, is it sad that seeing these photos made inner!me go *_* ?

*changes into Snaco cheerleading outfit*
*joins you bouncing* I'm shallow in that even HP puppets gets me all \o/

I can't get over the black suit thing - I never saw him in mugglewear to be honest, so the photos have me going o_O far a second. But he does look good.
Ah, fangirls - we're all the same in the end XD

Is it odd that I think Tom Felton might also have a receding hairline? He wore muggle clothes under his wizarding robes I think, but I expected robes in these photos...

Nah, I need to stare at Jeremy Dufour for Book!Draco thoughts - the movie!Draco is an AU verse of sorts IMO BUT STILL SHINY IN ANY CASE *_*
Hahaha, I swear the only people truly psyched about reading HBP were the H/D and Snaco shippers XD
And I'm both so HBP = ♥ Doubt I'll like the movie, but hey eyecandy is always a bonus :)
*wants a better pic of Draco in his Muggle clothes* (mmm!).

And, er, AR looks like he's gained a little weight... That last picture is terrible, lmao!

Didn't notice, but I prefer to see peeps overweight than underweight (skeletal looking peeps freak me out)
Hee! Yes, as Alan he looks nice - I don't mind a bit of extra weight - but I see Snape, particularly by this point, as thin, if not positively gaunt. It makes him even less my Snape than usual.
*flails happily*

i'm so happy :D i hope draco gets more screen time, well he will have to coz it's HBP xD

and did you know that the last book is getting split into two movies, to be released in 2010-2011, i think it was? :/
I heard they're focusing on the romance and it just made me headdesk >_<

Yeah, heard about it :) HBP is the big movie for me though. DH was all about tying up knots...
These images made me seriously happy but, yes, that selective focus needs to go. :x
Actually Draco has been portrayed in Muggle clothing before--during Goblet of Fire at the World Quidditch match he wore a lovely black turtleneck. In the movies we never see much of Draco away from Hogwarts so there's not much to see him in other than his school robes. (which I'm surprised he's not wearing, but hey, I'm not complaining. He looks good. *g* )

And yes, I'm as asquee about this movie coming out--this was one of my favorites of the books.
Yeah, what is up with all the muggle clothes in the movies? MOAR CLOAKS AND ROBES PLZ.

Mine too! I never really got the fascination with PoA - for me it was all about books 4,5 and 6.
Holy shit, he looks positively HOT. Draco, I mean. His hair looks good, though I prefer it floppy over his eyes.

The first pic is really artsy-like. I had to double back as I didn't realise it was Harry Potter and thought it was some really great photo of a guy.
HE DOES *_* Didn't expect the suit but he looks so good in black. And I can just *see* the increase in fangirls lol.

I keep thinking of lillithium's art because it's so much alike that way O_O
Ah, Draco hair do I can live with. There shall be icons again, oh yes! The PoA ones had too long a shelf life. I'm very fond of black muggle outfit as well, tis sufficiently hot.

As for other pics in that link, what's up with upper arms of Rupert and Daniel? When I was that age no kid had that heavy muscles there, no matter which sport they did. Do they let those kids out of the gym at all?
Lol, what happened to OotP? He wore black there too :)

Teens in movies all look like college kids XD
Mmm... I love these new pics!

Oh, and, um... I never realize you were a Snaco shipper! That's awesome. Do you have any recs? I like Snaco, but the times I've searched around I've had a hard time finding good stuff. :>
Poor Harry. He just caught Draco wanking off and now he needs some privacy... >.> (I like my version of events)

The last screenshot looks incredibly lovelorn.




OMG!!!!! YESSSS, this year!!! Wait, nooooooooo, not so fast, there's only one left then!!!

And damn, I agree about Draco thing...(well every time I see Tom I feel a bit disappointed, he's all scrawny...I hope he 'fills up' a bit :p Although, Dan didn't 'develope' as fangirl!H/Dshipper in me expected...)