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libby_drew is always awesome for links ♥ and in this case for posting a plug to hd_readers. It's a H/D discussion community, WOOT! Just joined and did the member survey and thought I'd post it up here. It includes my 5 favorite H/D fics :)

1. How long have you been in the HP Fandom, and in H/D specifically?
I've been reading HP fanfics since before GoF (the book) got released, which was 1999/2000 - however, at that time I read Draco/Hermione. It wasn't until I stumbled onto Unthinkable Thoughts by Aidan Lynch in 2001, that I got into H/D. Active participation in fandom started in mid/late 2005 I think - yeah, always been a major lurker.

2. Do you prefer one-shots or chaptered fics? Or do you have no preference?
I prefer long fic, something I can really sink my teeth into. It doesn't matter if it's a one shot or chaptered but nowadays, if its chaptered, I won't read it unless its complete and no longer a WIP.

3. What are you favorite genres of fics (fluff, angst, smut, humor, etc)?
I'll read anything that really, really works. Though I wish there were more decent AU fanfics in fandom or fics with fractured fairytale themes.

4. What's the highest rating of fic you'll read?
R/NC-17 - or if you need an example, fanfics by calanthe_fics XD

5. Are there things you'd prefer not to read (non-con, torture, crack, deathfic, epilogue-compliant)?
Death!fic, when the male is turned into a girl, watersports, poorly done minor AS/S pairing in a H/D fic (especially when they're automatic BFFs), poor characterization or easy development of H/D especially when it's not crack

6. Are there things you WILL NOT read, no matter what?
Death fic

7. How do you feel about fics where the boys are with different partners for part of the fic?
Absolutely fine, but by the end of the fic I would like some measure of hope that there is the possibility of H/D.

8. Would you prefer the group to focus on classics, new fic, or a mix of both?
Definitely both

9. What are you hoping for from this group?
Discussion with honest opinions and decent recs? I'd love to see peeps compare themes in different stories and point out similarities and differences too :)

10. Do you have any concerns about what might happen in this group? How would you like to see the mods handle these sorts of issues?
Wankiness when peeps say things that sound like border-line flames and on the other side, people jumping on others for hating a fic they adored. Probably unlikely but *shrugs*

11. Tell us your five favorite h/d fics and a quick idea of why you like them

Wow, this was probably the fastest answer XD

1) A Thousand Beautiful Things by geoviki (my ultimate H/D classic...probably for all time, lol)
2) If You've a Ready Mind by sarahtales (AU fic done right. I don't know how many times I've reread this)
3) Homecoming by novembersnow (recced here and reviewed here)
4) The Business of Saving Souls by rurounihime (recced here)
5) The Years that Walk Between by femmequixotic (recced here)
Yeah, I know most peeps are going to just wait for the wank but the thought of fic discussion makes me go \o/
And your reply to pj is exactly what worries me about the comm. I'm all for lively debate but I'm not sure our ship is evolved enough to undertake this kind of venture without backsliding into nastiness.
If there are flames, I expect the mods will take care of the matter. But I really want to see more discussion besides the "me like" comments. Even if its negative. Because its a discussion and I'd like to be able to go back and forth with peeps whose opinion may or may not align with mine.

I'm of the opinion that once something is posted publicly online, people can say pretty much anything about it. We might hate the comments but there's really nothing we can do about it. And honestly, I'd rather have the comments than censorship.

So basically, I hope the mods can put a stop to comments that cross the line by getting personal or flamey but at the same time, I'm hoping that authors in general don't take it personally - because there will be peeps who dislike/hate each fic and they might decide to voice their opinions. They might say it in a way that makes them look like asshats but *shrugs* others have the right to respond and speak their own mind in defense too.
I get all this 'i have the right' stuff, but what ever happened to good manners and politeness? Why can't people take an extra moment to more carefully phrase their feedback? Anecdotal evidence suggests that people respond much better to thoughtful concrit than to unkindness, and it's this exact point that often makes me wonder for whose benefit some of the unpleasant comments are for: the author, the commenter, or the broader audience. I'm pretty sure that some unkind comments are left to amuse the friends of the commenter rather than to feed back to the author. I expect others will disagree, but this is my right to say what I want, right?!

The other point to take into consideration is that there are numerous occasions when authors have come back on unkind comments and been accused of being defensive and against free speech - for daring to disagree with the commenter! Hypocrisy in action.

The more I think about it the worse idea this comm sounds. I might withdraw before the shit hits the fan.
I get all this 'i have the right' stuff, but what ever happened to good manners and politeness?

Yeah, that was my issue over here. But at the same time, that's my policy on concrit and a discussion community isn't IMO, concrit.

It's discussion. We're not telling the authors, we're stating our opinion of a fic and are interested in hearing other people's opinions. I would like to see this done in a level headed manner whether peeps love the fic or loathe it.

But ultimately, this isn't being directed at the authors at all (unlike concrit). With concrit, I'm hoping that my comments may help the author with the fic or future fic. With discussion, I just want to talk about H/D and is very much the opposite - the author is not a target and is actually sort of removed from the equation.

If an author disagrees with an opinion, they have the right to come right back and respond in kind - especially if the comment is rude and lacks any tact. If they can't handle negative crit then they should stay out of it. Also, some authors don't accept unsolicited feedback so it makes sense if they ignore the discussions.

I prefer to see authors who either a)respond or b)ignore. I hate it when they don't say a word directly but go around on other comms or ljs and complain instead of dealing with the comments straight on.
You make a fair point. I hadn't separated discussion from feedback on the basis that once people start dissecting they start suggesting. But you are right - this is a discussion comm, not a place to help authors. I'd forgotten that.
I'm still very much with you in that I really want people to use some diplomacy/tact when they comment in discussions 'cause these things can easily escalate.

The good thing about it being a discussion is that if I do find a comment crosses the line IMO (like with the hd_wc) I can go right ahead and reply back with my own thoughts directly. With the hd_wc I felt I couldn't really respond on the posts if someone's opinions of a fic disagreed with mine - but in a discussion? If someone bashes a favorite fic, I'm definitely going to defend my POV.
And going back to my comments on Hijja's thread, my problem with the whole free speech thing is how quickly name-calling crops up when people start disagreeing. Names like 'speshul snowflake' appear to be brandished like weapons and in a derogatory sense. And I just don't want to be part of stuff like that. I left junior school a long time ago and I have no desire to revisit the playground.

There comes a point in a discussion where the peeps involved should agree to disagree because they are on completely different wavelengths. Instead it escalates to the point where its "my way or the highway" and the other person is *obviously* wrong.

The worst/wanky bit is when having a different opinion means there's something wrong with the person so if a person reads shota they are a pediophile *headdesk* I admire peeps who can have crap like that thrown in their faces and still respond level headedly (if tongue in cheek, lol)
I have to be in the right mood to play those sorts of comments off. But the one thing that never fails to make me laugh is the way that people appear to think that if they make their comments shoutier and ruder that you'll suddenly cave in and change to their way of thinking.

Yeah. Right.

- (Anonymous)
I find it interesting that the same person picked up on certain of my comments at the same post, and engaged me in a very long discussion of broadly similar topics.
LOL, yes - noticed that when linking XD I think we both followed pj's link over and didn't agree with the original poster 100%

When it comes to concrit, I think the wanks stems from comments which are rude/perceived as rude. It isn't so much what is said but how it is said. Of course authors can also be rather sensitive so it goes both ways. We have rude commenterss who are asshats and authors who really are special snowflakes.
My stomach dropped when I saw PJ had linked to that post because I knew that someone would follow it and pick up on my original response. The problem starts when someone will only accept their own view as being the 'right' one. We are all different therefore 'right' is different for all of us. No one should expect us to all play by the same rules. There should be more respect for difference, yet I sometimes feel there isn't. Usually the side that shouts loudest appears to 'win'. but as they seem to be the name-callers that makes them automatic losers in my book.

Just had to comment and admit how flummoxed and flattered I am to see myself included on a list that includes some of my very favorite H/D fics. ♥
Lol, how they appear in my mind:

1) The Original Classic
2) The AU Fic
3) The Post Series Classic
4) The Real Life Fic
5) Where H/D is Canon

Homecoming reminds me of all the things I love about the H/D ship while still managing to include the awesomeness of the last books :)
Hee! This looks like it's going to be awesome. I only hope the discussion stays respectful and constructive, more centered around the meaning of the fic or its elements, rather than whether it's "good" or "bad". Make sense?
Oh yes. It's a bit exciting really 'cause it feels like we could jump into any thread and start talking about parts of the fic. Normally I shy away from doing that in comms and other peep's lj. But in a discussion comm? \o/

I'm expecting it to be a bit of an eye opener when it comes to preferences and opinions on issues too - and current cliches and ship trends. EEEE. I wanna discuss H/D!!!