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Your top male hotties...

If you had to choose the hottest famous/well known asian men or 'men of color' (as was stated on the comments), who would they be?

Whether it be far east asian cinema/tv or bollywood or middle eastern singers or really hot athletes, NAMES, PLZ.

If you can link up to a wiki entry or a youtube vid, that'd be good too :F Yes, it's definitely summer.

Feel free to pimp it out! Especially if you have any peeps who could list names ^_^

Akanishi Jin
akeshi Kaneshiro
Andy Lau
arjun rampal
Bosco Wong
Brandon Lee
Bruce Lee
Choi Shiwon
Chow Yun Fat
Craig David
Daniel Dae Kim
Daniel Henney
Dilip Kumar
dino morea
Dustin Nguyen
Fujiki Naohito
Gary Dourdan
Gong Yoo
Hirai Ken
Hiroshi Tamaki
Hrithik Roshan
Hyun bin
Jackie Chan
Jang Geun Suk
Jason Scott Lee
Jay Sean
Jet Li
Jiro Wang
Joe Cheng
John Abraham
Ju Ji Hoon
Kangta & Vanness
Kim Jae Wook
Kimura Takuya
Lee Jun Ki
Lee Un
Leonardo Nam
Mark Dacascos
Matsuda Shota
Matsumoto Jun
Moriguchi Yoko
Naveen Andrews
Navin Chowdhry
Oguri Shun
Okura Tadayoshi
Robert Andrew Ri'chard
Ron Ng
Russell Wong
Saif Ali Khan
Sakaguchi Kenji
Sendhil Ramamurthy
Shahid Kapoor
shahruk khan
Shashi Kapoor
Stephen Fung
Tadanobu Asano
Takayuki Yamada
Takeshi Kaga
Takumi Saito
Tamaki Hiroshi
Tomoya Nagase
Tony Leung
Vic Zhou
Wang Leehom
Wu Chun
Yamashita Tomohisa
zayed khan

Total so far: about 75

ETA: SO MANY PRETTY MEN *_* I think I'm going to compile these guys into a pretty picspam post of doom XD So yeah, expect a post on the Hottest Men (of color?) If you have any others, shoot 'cause having a list of 100 guys would be kinda cool XD

Oh and shabzilla? ILUSM ♥ ♥
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YAY FOR HRITHIK! I may be out of touch with Bollywood but I always associate him with eyecandy :)
YES. I was totally *_* over him in Nodame Cantabile - he was the reason it did well IMO. He's got something about him that feels more mature than most of the big name actors in dramas right now.

(If you have any favorite dramas/movies with them, do share XD)
SENDHIL RAMAMURTHY OMG. He is the most gorgeous person on Heroes. Possibly on the planet. (and you should see his wife. They will have hot babies)

Daniel Dae Kim from Lost.

Saif Ali Khan... not the best picture, but MAN was he hot in Kal Ho Naa Ho...

I could think of more if I put my mind to it, but I'm at work so there's a limit to how much wiki searching I can do :P
They have to be hot? Not cute, or pretty? That narrows the range by quite a bit.

Umm... Takeshi Kaneshiro and Ju Ji Hoon are all atm.
Well, people's definition of 'hot' differs - sometimes it's not just appearance, but magnetism onscreen, the way they act etc.

Wiki links are always appreciated since it's hard to place names XD
Jackie Chan, Daniel Dae Kim, Jason Lee, Dustin Nguyen

Takeshi Kaga (Japanese actor/singer)

Shah Rukh Khan (I still think he's hot)

(I tend to go for older guys, tho I'm not entirely sure why.)

Ohkura Tadayoshi (see my icon) is beautiful *sighs dreamily* but far too young for me. Same with the rest of Kanjani8. *pouts*

Um...>_> *randomly butts in*

I sadly don't have my computer with me BUT I do have some pics for Asian hotties =D

Jaejoong: The man with the most AMAZING gorgeous fuckmeallnight voice; singer in a Korean boyband called Dong Bang Shi Gi (Rising Gods of the East). he's RIDICULOUS cute and so very HOT . He also has a tendency to stick his tongue out the side of his mouth and run it across his pretty pretty lips *GUH* (in other words: he's a fangirl's manwhoring dream man v^^)

Oh and there's also his SEKKRIT LOVER bandmate: Yunho =D Who is a freak'n AMAZING dancer ^^

Speaking of boys who can bust a move- here are two of Yunnie and JJ's bandmates (Junsu and Yoochun) dancing on a variety program just for kicks- cuz its hilarious&hot. ohgod I could fangirl these boys forever^^. In fact! Watch all of them act like dorks and then jam hardcore to their dance/choreography

And of course I can't forget the man with the CHOCOLATE ABS: Choi Shiwon of Super Junior.

He sings, dances, smiles (OHGODHISSMILES- somewhere between eyerape predatory and flailworthy adorable), acts and models. He is also very touchyfeely and has been called the gayest by Heechul (who fwi, is the ridiculous(ly) pretty prissy princess one. yaaaah. He actually argues that Shiwon is gayerLOL). Shiwon has lately (thanks to his abs) been randomly molested by his bandmates. (though it doesn't really look like he minds all that terribly ^^) He's going to make a WONDERFUL father. He's also a good Christian boy &heart;s and is learning chinese with his lover Hankyung.

But I'm not going to ramble about how AWESOME AMAZING SWEET FANTASTIC CUTE TOTAL DORK Hangeng is except to tell you that he is one hell of a MAD SEXY DANCER BOY (HIPS!!!)

(Though I will say: after the whole earthquake in china fiasco, he donated money in like the millions and blood as well *snugglesherchinaman* & as the only chinese member he had to learn korean in a very short amont of time and he's gone through much hardship in his life which is why his smile and his dancing just like LIGHTUP the stage and he's such a mommy's boy and the first thing he did when he earned money in Korea was give it to his mother so she could open her own restaurant and he's saving up to buy his parents a house and *flails*)

...*cough* ok so I went a LITTLE overboard >_> though trust me this is MILD compared to what I could do with my photoalbums in hand xD spec since i've been into a HOTWHITEBOYS phase atm- yay for HP and bandom xD um yes. hi. ^^
MMM Tadanobu Asano especially in Zatoichi. And Ken Watanabe makes me squee.

So does Chow Yun Fat in that "I'm like Bruce Wayne" kinda way.

Oh I have a fondness for Stephen Fung from GenXCops and House of Fury!

And um, can I go old school Indian flicks and vote for Shashi Kapoor and Dilip Kumar?

There are plenty of others already suggested that I wholeheartedly agree with as well! Yay!
Bewarned you have an Indian and a Chinese here who will list everyone they can think of.

- John Abraham [bollywood]
- Saif Ali Khan [bollywood]
- Jay Sean [singer]
- Naveen Andrews [actor]
- Sendhil Ramamurthy [actor]
- Wu Chun [singer]
- Jiro Wang [singer]
- Oguri Shun [actor]
- Kim Jae Wook [actor]
- Tamaki Hiroshi [actor]
- Akanishi Jin [singer]
- Okura Tadayoshi [singer/musician]
- Tomoya Nagase [singer/musician]
- Kimura Takuya [actor/singer]
- Craig David [singer/musician]
- Moriguchi Yoko [actor]
- Joe Cheng [model/actor]
- Rain [singer/actor]
- Se7en [singer/dancer]
- Lee Un [actor]
- Hirai Ken [singer]
- Bosco Wong [actor]
- Takayuki Yamada [actor]
- Siwon of SuperJunior [singer]
- Matsuda Shota [actor]

...ok we have to go BUT there could have been more, so many more.
Okay okay we forgot:

- Vic Zhou [actor/singer]
- Dansen [actor/singer]
- Fujiki Naohito [actor/singer]
- Sakaguchi Kenji [actor]
- Takeshi Kaneshiro [actor]
- JaeJoog [singer]
- Ron Ng [actor]
- Robert Andrew Ri'chard [actor]
- Texas Battle [actor]

ok ok now we really will stop but we had a lot of fun thinking about all these hot guys *_*