Goss (gossymer) wrote,

So many sparkles...

[001] MOST GORGEOUS BROWSER EVER - Opera is developing a new default skin (they talk about it here) and holy crap, it's SO FREAKING AMAZING. It also matches my windows visual style superbly *_*

[002] Most of y'all are familiar with Smashing Magazine for showcasing amazing work on the web when it comes to design. Well, NETTUTS has a Best of the Web article for May and it not only focusses on design but also functionality and is really a fantastic resource.

[003] Never mentioned it but along with the movies for Avatar, Robotech and G.I.Joe, there's also a He-Man movie. And the script is supposedly, pure gold. It could very well be a lot of hype and who knows what will happen by the time they film it...still, if the script is half decent, it might make for a film worth watching *hopes*

[004] #1 reason why I should not check out the friends of friends list. The envy, it burns.

[005] I never realised the H/D fic, Invisible to See by FayJay was written in 2003! See? Though it's sad to read the comments and notice nearly everyone has moved on from the HP fandom.

[006] If you've ever wanted to try scifi novels, sarahtales's latest post (and the comments) are a fantastic resource.

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