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Is there a support group for rabid fangirling of Supernatural?

Since the finale of Supernatural, I've been wading the waters of fanfiction and have finally gotten well and stuck on Wincest - Dean & Sam...really can't get enough of them...

So if anyone has any Sam/Dean fics to rec, would LOVE LOVE LOVE you to pieces if you shared :)

Also, is there any RPS fiction of Jared finding out that Jensen was a *cheerleader* in high school - 'cause, oh lord, that's a scene begging to be done. Repeatedly.

Lastly - is there a kind of, I don't know - *support group* for uncontrollable squeeing and fangirling of two guys who are seriously, painfully hot - 'cause not only do they look good but *gasp* they can ACT. Jensen had me dead on the floor for the finale...

*offers cookies that look like Impalas - dark chocolate cookies*

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