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Everything I Know About Fandom

22. Remember that whatever reputation you acquire in fandom - accidentally or by design - will follow you around. You can be innocently minding your own business, maybe writing the odd snippet of alien sex, and the next thing you know fandom has crowned you Queen of Tentacle Pr0n. It's usually best to just accept this in the spirit in which it was intended.

A post written in 2005 that is as true today, as it was then. The 25 points will have you nodding, cringing (since you learnt the *hard* way) and snickering.

Go Read :)
Great, great list. I'd never seen it before. Thanks for the link.

btw - friended you during HDWC but I'm sticking around as you are rather entertaining. hi! :D
Hi! I wasn't certain if the peeps who friended me for the HDWC were still reading or had started ignoring stuff XD I really liked that you recced your favorites from the fest (instead of throwing a giant mass of links at the flist, lol) and also noticed your latest fest rec list which I *know* I'll be referring to in the future :)

I hadn't realised femme had done AR/AU Snarry until I saw your rec and now I'm thinking if I do finally try out the ship, her fic might be the one I start out with. I love H/D and Snaco is just as awesome - ultimately I'm an One True Character (OTC) person n that I'll read anything where Draco is portrayed in a decent light (aka NOT bastardised) and the ship is written well. It's the main reason I haven't tried other pairings like PJ, because the thought of Draco's character being shredded by authors... ;__;

So yeah, it's been a while since I've even entertained the idea of Snarry - but as long as Draco is alright in the fic, I think I'll be a happy ducky.

Ah, ok, kinda rambled over there *headdesk* Goes to show how much I am in need of a distraction from the lack of big bang fics...
Since the WC I have been terrible keeping up with fests, actually. Way too many fics to read them all and no way to narrow down which ones to start with other than reading the summaries! So my rec lists are likely missing the OMGBESTFICoftheFEST!!!! but at least they aren't a list of 100 fics and instructions to read them all because those are the rules of anon fests.

Femme's fic is made of a special kind of wonderful. I was transported into a very special place while reading it and I'm not much of snarry shipper. It's not very shippy actually, more of an epic adventure. Like you I typically read for Draco, so I'll warn you he has only a minor role but at least he's not simply comic fodder in this one.

OH! and Big Bang's up!!!! enjoy.
Great link, thanks! And just at a time when I'm thinking of retooling my fannish participation scheme, too ;)
That's a great list. I think my favorite is this one:

18. If you want more of Fictype X, please, for the love of the Lords of Kobol, just ask for more Fictype X. Don't start your argument in favour of Fictype X by trashing Fictype Y and complaining about how much of it there is. All you'll do is alienate fans of Fictype Y and make them less likely to listen to your impassioned plea in favour of your preferred kind of story.

A lot of people in my favorite fandom never learned that particular lesson. I think that's partly why I developed such an insanely strong OTP.