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In Case You Missed It...


Eight Harry/Draco fics with over 70 pieces of art to accompany them.

If you think those are not enough fics, consider that each is 50,000 words long. Authors include amalin, furiosity, scoradh and many more.

Artists? Well, too many to list all but we do have andreanna, arboretum, glockgal, gold_loewin, lillithium, myrafur, naadi, pearljamz, quaedam (OMG!), red_rahl, sherant and zejeni as well as Dr. Willy, Duckpuppy and Forbis.

The images can be seen over here. Big Bang has always had the most eye candy *_*

Big Bang, Baby! Round 3!

The only question left is...what order do I read the fics in? O_O I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START!!!
R U SRS? Well, I'll try posting reviews of the fics I am able to read all the way through ^_^

I doubt I can push myself to read 50k of a fic for which the writing doesn't work for me XD

And OMG, I am still unsure where to start! Might just go alphabetically at this rate.

But first, must get lunch.
Of course I am! I like reading your reviews almost as much as reading the fics :) I need somebody to check myself against! :P
*SUPER GLOMP* Y'know, it's rare to find other reccers whose tastes head in similar directions as my own. Which is why I tend to go \o/ when I read your thoughts about them - even when we're NOT on the same page XD
- (Anonymous)
My art is totally the greatest! (okay I haven't seen the others yet, but it's still the greatest ... damn dialup.)
The art was the first thing I looked at (which is sooo typical) Every fic had so much shiny that it made me even MORE confused with where to start...
Eight! *squee* And each are 50,000 words long! Where to start, where to start?! *is in a tizzy*
omg, haven't even started. I totally got distracted with macross 10 and trying to make icons that didn't immediately look sucky >_>