Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Macross Frontier - Ep 10 & Fave songs on OST

Chances are, if you weren't a fan of the original Macross/Robotech series, you probably aren't watching Macross Frontier at the moment.

Right now, I don't see that as a bad thing 'cause there hasn't been a lot of growth in terms of the main plot yet, IMO. Once it DOES pick up, you'll probably see me yelling over here some time in future.

For episode 10 though, there've been a lot more developments on the love triangle. Alto gets kissed (by Ranka and Sheryl) and his expressions have that "WTF" quality both times XD Ah, it makes the slasher in me rejoice. Plus the previous episode had a lot of Michel/Alto subtext so \o/

The best thing about episode 10 though, was the explanation of why Alto is called "Hime." OMG, he's famous for a role he played AS A WOMAN. IN A ROMANCE STORY. I LOVE THIS ANIME. If we didn't have the het triangle being thrown at us every episode, this would be one of those shows where you'd just know the males were SO engaging in some 'private practice' XD

In any case, I just got the OST which includes songs by both Ranka and Sheryl and it put a huge smile on my face. The one thing a lot of peeps can agree on is that Macross has some pretty neat music.

Here's one example. It's a 30 second ad for the restaurant Ranka works at - it should be painful, but Ranka kinda makes my head tilt and go "awww" and grin

Nyan Nyan - Ranka version:

Aimo - Tori no Hito: When this played in episode 10, I was just sold. Beautifully done.

Diamond Crevasse - Sheryl Nome starring May’n: My favorite song by May'n

Iteza Gogo Kyuuji Dont be late - Sheryl Nome starring May’n: this song is just awesome with the mecha battles *_*

My new default icon is all about Alto-Hime ♥ I look at him and I can't help but snicker and smile now XD

Oh and I CAN HAS ICONS NAO? Only 7 but it's full of Alto goodness :)

ETA: Can you tell I haven't made any headway with the Big Bang fics? Today was all about the distractions >_> Spent the past hour reading blog reactions to the latest episodes and songs.

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