Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Death by cuteness

[001] YOU GUYZ. I KEELED OVER FROM THE CUTENESS THAT IS KUNG FU PANDA. Cats and pandas are my biggest weaknesses when it comes to furry creatures and OMG, how can it be any other way when you're faced with cuteness like this:



(oh yeah, completely snaggable with cred *_* SO CUTE OMFG)

[002] Arigatomina scanlated a Naruto doujinshi (Naruto+Sasuke) called Seisyun Kyousou Kyoku. You can read it online or/and download it. Probably one of the best doujin I've seen of the pairing - but I don't actively go searching for doujin so *shrugs*

[003] If you're in the mood, there is Tony/Jarvis pr0n which is incredibly hot*fans self*. After watching Iron Man most peeps seem to gravitate towards Tony/Pepper or heck, even Tony/Obadiah but T/J was my movie OTP :)

[004] Want to read/buy some novels? You could check out the recs here via iscaris

[005] Saying I really, really like maderr's original slash fics is a bit of an understatement. Seeing a new fic by her makes me squeak. You might remember my rec post of her fics, where Main Gauche was mentioned as my favorite out of her earliest fics.

Well, this past week, she wrote two more stories in that world: 1000 Victories ( Part 1 & 2 + drabbles) and The Perfect Son (Fic + drabbles 1 & 2).

The last story focusses on the characters Sabre and Lash, who together are one of my favorite couples from her works. I especially adored the last drabble ♥__♥. And I keep thinking about the pair and what might happen in the future and possible developments and OMG, SO MUCH LOVE.

[006] The song currently stuck in my head which is Kiseki by GReeeeN - It's from the J-Drama called Rookies (which is way prettier than the original manga, lol).

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