October 18th, 2005

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Post-HBP Fanfic Rec

While this is a very late rec, since the fic began inJuly but rabid fan girl hormones need me to say this:

THE Post-HBP Fanfic to read

Author: Maya (mistful)
Fic: Quality of Mercy
Pairs: Both het & Slash pairings.
About: No official summary out, so lets just say Harry is forced by Snape (yes, he's still trying to catch the guy) into keeping Draco (who he loathes even more) around- this is at the point when he is at the Burrow, with the Bill & Fleur wedding round the corner. This is just the early premise, and its still evolving...

Chapter one
Chapter two
Chapter three
Chapter four
Chapter five
Chapter six
Chapter seven
Chapter eight
Chapter nine
Chapter ten
Chapter eleven
Chapter twelve
Chapter thirteen
Chapter fourteen
Chapter fifteen
Chapter sixteen
Chapter seventeen

Alright, there have been several post-HBP fics posted, but very few have Maya's brilliant writing. It's meta wrapped in deliciously yummy fic.

Its got Harry, Draco, the Weasleys (well, a special focus on the hot Weasleys, Bill and Charlie) and the Order and so much more

It takes all that HBP was, all our post HBP thoughts and just creates this amazing reality to emmerse ourselves in.

Being so late in the discovery of this fic, there are others who have reviewed it mucho better, but still, I just had to let my inner-fangirl out...

ETA: Updated the chapter listing so it's current!
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