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[001] YAY, RAIN! For about ten minutes :( WTF is up with Austin weather. Though back in Dubai it's getting ready to cross 40 C which is nearing 110 F I think -the worst part though, isn't the temperature so much but the humidity which is around 80% *daily*. And at least in Texas, one can count on some rain after a couple of blistering hot days.

[002] Rookies, the new j-drama has the most eyecandy in *ages*. Ok, yeah there are other shows with as many males - but males who kinda look hot AND CAN ACT? Well, that's far more precious XD Wish subs came out faster. Oh and I've got the OST on repeat :)

[003] I find it hard to read non-H/D fics 'cause most of the time I'm worried about possible Draco bastardization or bashing. It's the main reason I stay away from alternate pairings that might or might not feature Draco. So, I am incredibly grateful to snegurochka_lee for posting up some Draco fic recs that aren't H/D - they include Snaco and Charlie/Draco which makes me all excited 'cause I'd never find them on my own.

[004] The Snaco fics I remember the most are Happy Fucking Birthday and A More Permanent Arrangement by the late anjenue. Her fics made me realise the fabulousness that is Severus/Draco

ETA: The OST of Macross Frontier is the first anime soundtrack to reach the Oricon chart's top 3 rankings in nearly 11 years (LINK) - stores actually sold out and are ordering more so those numbers are expected to rise!

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