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[001] YAY, RAIN! For about ten minutes :( WTF is up with Austin weather. Though back in Dubai it's getting ready to cross 40 C which is nearing 110 F I think -the worst part though, isn't the temperature so much but the humidity which is around 80% *daily*. And at least in Texas, one can count on some rain after a couple of blistering hot days.

[002] Rookies, the new j-drama has the most eyecandy in *ages*. Ok, yeah there are other shows with as many males - but males who kinda look hot AND CAN ACT? Well, that's far more precious XD Wish subs came out faster. Oh and I've got the OST on repeat :)

[003] I find it hard to read non-H/D fics 'cause most of the time I'm worried about possible Draco bastardization or bashing. It's the main reason I stay away from alternate pairings that might or might not feature Draco. So, I am incredibly grateful to snegurochka_lee for posting up some Draco fic recs that aren't H/D - they include Snaco and Charlie/Draco which makes me all excited 'cause I'd never find them on my own.

[004] The Snaco fics I remember the most are Happy Fucking Birthday and A More Permanent Arrangement by the late anjenue. Her fics made me realise the fabulousness that is Severus/Draco

ETA: The OST of Macross Frontier is the first anime soundtrack to reach the Oricon chart's top 3 rankings in nearly 11 years (LINK) - stores actually sold out and are ordering more so those numbers are expected to rise!
*shudder* The humidity would kill me. The city feels tends to dfeel like a natural sauna and sucks the joy out of sunny shiny days. Coming to texas, I actually squeed more over rainy days and my friends all tended to look at me funny.
Isn't ROOKIES flipping fantastic?? I'm completely hooked, it makes me laugh and cry. in my opinion, it's the best drama this season.
Rookies is awesome! I remember you recced it in a past post (still need to respond to that *headdesk*) but it made me check it out earlier and I'm glad I did. Good acting, lots of guys to stare out, a semblance of plot that keeps moving. It just works. And yeah, Zettai Kareshi fizzled for me too.