January 26th, 2006

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Pride & Prejudice: Icons Batch 1 - Disc 1 -Bingley, Wickham & Catherine de Burgh

Fandom: Pride & Prejudice (BBC Miniseries)
Characters: Bingley, Wickham & Catherine de Burgh
Disc: 1 of 2
Icons: 88
Resources: screen captures from cap_it
Created by: gossymer

This is the first of many, many P&P base batches- covering every character on both DVD discs...hopefully they won't cross 1000 bases, but I'm not going make any bets on that. Use these for whatever you want- I love this miniseries so much that its more about spreading the love than getting credit ^__^


88 Bases & Icons


[+] No Hotlinking
[+] Credit only needed if you use them to post up your own custom P&P icons
[+] Free free to edit/take them for personal use- no credit necessary for that!
[+] Comments will be read with pure joy ^__^

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