May 11th, 2006

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Is there a support group for rabid fangirling of Supernatural?

Since the finale of Supernatural, I've been wading the waters of fanfiction and have finally gotten well and stuck on Wincest - Dean & Sam...really can't get enough of them...

So if anyone has any Sam/Dean fics to rec, would LOVE LOVE LOVE you to pieces if you shared :)

Also, is there any RPS fiction of Jared finding out that Jensen was a *cheerleader* in high school - 'cause, oh lord, that's a scene begging to be done. Repeatedly.

Lastly - is there a kind of, I don't know - *support group* for uncontrollable squeeing and fangirling of two guys who are seriously, painfully hot - 'cause not only do they look good but *gasp* they can ACT. Jensen had me dead on the floor for the finale...

*offers cookies that look like Impalas - dark chocolate cookies*
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anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Naruto manga: Older!Sasuke finally unveiled

Ah, finally got to read chapter 306 here and after over 50 chapters we finally get to see Sasuke. Though really, he doesn't look very different, apart from the really odd Orochimaru-esque costume.

Currently though, the manga is just marginally more satisfying than the anime (since one year of fillers has killed all enthusiasm). I really loved the previous manga arc with the Sand ninja and Gara's rescue...though now everything seems to be at a crawl's pace *pulls at hair*. Argh, I'd wish they'd get on with it.

And I just want to see the anime get back onto the manga storline simply 'cause I want to see Naruto's new black and orange outfit (a lovely combination IMO)
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