May 29th, 2006

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Pride & Prejudice: Icons Batch 5 - Disc 1&2 - Darcy

Fandom: Pride & Prejudice (BBC Miniseries)
Resources: screen captures from cap_it
Created by: gossymer

Since internet access is rare at the moment, I had more time to spend working on bases...I managed to complete doing Darcy XD

What's left now? Umm, The Bennet family apart from Jane and the most of the other female characters. Elizabeth will be saved for last though!

[224] Darcy Bases & Icons


[+] No Hotlinking
[+] Credit only needed if you use them to post up your own custom P&P icons
[+] Free free to edit/take them for personal use- no credit necessary for that!
[+] Comments will be read with pure joy ^__^

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