October 17th, 2006

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Did I just read that correctly?

So I missed Heroes 'cause I was doing a project in the library.

I come home and get the torrent for the episode. Except - there are 4000 seeders...AND 20,000 DOWNLOADERS?

WTF people.

I mean, sure I want the show to be popular but not when it delays my own viewing pleasure >__< Yeah, call me selfish. Or perhaps I'm just your regular fangirl...
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anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Rec me your Firefox extensions!

Let me just say, right off the bat that I'm an Opera browser user- and a happy one. I just never want to have to resort to Internet Explorer for *anything* in future. So firefox will be my second browser. Now, after downloading the Firefox browser 1.5 I added the following extensions:

- Session Saver: in case Firefox crashes which I have the nasty feeling it will.
-Stop or Reload button: a combined button to save space on my toolbar
-Tab X : close buttons on each tab
-Fission: progress bar in the address bar
-Compact Menu: puts the main menu functions into a single drop down menu button.

These were all installed to get back the features I can't do without in Opera. I still would like to find a way to open google searches in their OWN separate NEW tabs and an alternative to Compact Menu that completely hides the main menu toolbar.

That's it. I ask you - oh Firefox junkies - for any extensions y'all cannot do without. How is the NoScript extension? Any good RSS reader extensions? Are there any tweaks you did to make firefox run faster/more efficiently? Any resources/tips are welcome.
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