November 14th, 2006

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HELP! - LJ or HTML tag question...

How does one go about adding quotes to a post - you know, those nifty little quote boxes?

Also, would anyone know how to change the colors of the box in the post - whether it be by the CSS code (for smoothsailing) or otherwise?

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firefox, opera and online blogs + a goodie!

If you love Firefox's extensions, you might want to check out Opera's equivalents to FF's extensions (Part 1 and Part 2). You can pretty much duplicate the functionality of Firefox- and Opera is unbelievably stable. Not to mention, even those fantastic greasemonkey scripts are compatible with it.

I couldn't help reading these words this morning and nodding my head:
The mainstream press might not always convey it very well, but Firefox and Opera are actually different enough that they serve very different needs for different users. I'm a proponent of software and technology choice in general, so innovation and competition in the browser space is something that I consider important. I work in marketing because most people don't even realize they have a choice when it comes to their web browser, and for those who do realize, they don't necessarily know there are more than just two choices.

As with all software, when it comes to browsers there is more than just Intenet Explorer. However, that does not mean your only alternative is Firefox. Nor does it mean you have to use just one browser. I've found that Firefox is wonderfull with flash - particularly youtube vids while Opera delivers a stable and secure browsing experience. They both have their benefits and should be used accordingly.

In any case, the above quote was from a post by Lawrence Eng, an employee @ Opera. The company has a very unusual take on blogging, in that it actually encourages its employees to Blog. The content doesn't even have to be about Opera. Absolutely brilliant IMO :) I spent a bit of the morning browsing Planet Opera's links to the various employee blogs. The layouts are quite shiny indeed. I also happened to spy some gorgeous photos.

Speaking of photos, there were a couple of pics regarding the Opera office building - it's such an old building that it has a sign on the elevator and also has two more outside (which make me snicker XD)

On a closing note, I just want to give y'all a goodie: the Greased Lightbox - it works on Firefox, Opera and Safari, and if you like browsing image galleries (on DeviantART, Google, Flickr, Wikipedia, MySpace, etc.) you NEED this.