January 23rd, 2007

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The shininess is KILLING ME

Have begun catching up with the dozens of fics and episodes and hundreds of lj entries. All I have to say if thank god for newsfeeds. My f-list doesn't go back a week, let alone over a month.

The Torchwood episode "Captain Jack" had me running late to class with a HUGE HUGE HUGE grin on my face. *fans self* There is never enough male on male snoggage.

BTW, probably need to mention that the one thing that kept me going back to Dubai was Youtube and SilentRegrets.com's far eastern dramas for download. I loved Goong, Densha Otoko, Akihabara@Deep, etc. I just gobbled them up and now when I try to remember them, its hard to sort through all the gorgeous visuals, funny moments, heart wrenching scenes and absolutely divine males. Umm, yeah.

On another note, la_folle_allure's single picspam image today had me jumping over to Photoshop *points to icon*

I don't really follow celebrity couples but...


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