February 22nd, 2007

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Fanworks on LJ and trying to sort the mess...

So I was reading a fic (Braille by spark_of_chaos, which was such a lovely fic to read first thing in the morning) and I noticed something. The author added a link at the end to a list of previous written fics she'd written in her memories. And this, in my opinion, is one of the best ways of using LJ for fanfiction.

People have come to use livejournal, not only for personal entries but also fanworks. We then use our memories section or tags to keep track of it all. You've probably come across the random gifted author/artist who doesn't really do either and you end up combing their lj with a magnifying glass looking for the stuff they've done- and hoping to God, that you haven't missed the best bits. Then there are groups of peeps that archive their work on their own hosted websites, galleries and public fanfiction archives.

More often than not though, after reading a fabulously delicious fic or a particularly shiny piece of art, you want to see more of the same. Yet, doing so requires that you:
- check the sidebar
- check the tags
- check the user info
- check the lj memories
- skim through entries for the past 3 years
- do a frantic google search and keep your fingers crossed.

I'd love to see more peeps adding a link to the bottom of their fics/art, to a comprehensive listing of all their works. LJ wasn't really intended for fanworks - but its flexible enough that we can make it work, and work well.

Yeah, I'll shut-up now.
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