March 6th, 2007

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OotP movie musings...

Like other peeps, the OotP movie is the HP movie I'm probably the least interested in. Which may be odd considering the book is one of my favorites along with HBP and GoF. Still, what resonated with me in OotP was the themes of adolescence - I *got* capslock!Harry since I'd gone through the same crap at the same time. Being passed over as a prefect? check. Nobody gets me? check. Teenage moodswings that had adults going WTF? check. Which is why I doubt the movie's going to be anywhere near as good in capturing what matters.

I just read static_pixie's post which got me thinking about a lot of the things with the movie. Warning - if you haven't read the book, the following may be spoilery.

OotP may be good in the end but it won't be for the same reasons I liked the book - simply because Daniel Radcliff was never really chosen for his acting abilities. Rupert Grint *was* - and from his constantly shrinking screentime, we can see how much *that* matters. And really, if acting abilities were priority #1 we'd probably have Haley Joel Osment in the movie and Steven Spielberg directing the first movie at the very least. And while that may have a lot of people going o__O, I really would have dug it. At the heart of it all, it would have *felt* like Harry Potter damn it, because Spielberg would *get* that. War of the Worlds may have had me all "?" but I still am in awe of the dude.

Moving on, Luna Lovegood is one of the few reasons I'm looking forward to the movie. Actually, after reading the book, I was all for a canon shipping of Harry/Luna. Ginny was practically a non-character on that issue - which is why HBP came straight out of the left field. So anyway, I really, really, want to see Evanna Lynch.

I'm quite annoyed that they've softened the Marauders' scene. The lack of underpants undermines the sadism that I always felt was a part of the Marauders' dark side. Is the scene simply going to be reduced to just eyecandy? And what is up with the lack of Lilly standing up for Severus?

Why on earth is Emma Watson getting so much screentime? I have the feeling my annoyance at the Ginny-sue in HBP is going to become a hatred with the Hermione of the HP movies. The only silver lining may be that I might actually come to *like* Movieverse!Ginny. Bonnie Wright so far seems like a good thing for the series.

The lack of so much of a Trio, Ginny with a Phoenix as a patronus, Cho as the sneak, the lack of swearing - it really seems off. The main focus feels like the DA, Sirius, Bellatrix with a bit of Weasley Twins, Luna, Hermione and Cho thrown in - and Luna is the only positive part about it all. I wouldn't mind more Ron and Draco - not to mention Severus. They don't seem to care about HBP or making the transition smoother *shrugs*.

And talking about HBP - I'd love to see an "artistic" version of it. Where things are skewed and are from the Slytherin point of view - where the Gryffindors are the golden kids of the school and not quite "real". Ah, but one can dream. Imagine the bathroom scene from Draco's POV in movie format. Bloody hell, Harry would be *such* a villain.

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So midterms having been dragging for weeks, so a lack of much going on really. Though I did notice the catch phrase on my f-list was "WTF, April 23rd?!!" Lol, yes Heroes is awesome and weeks of hiatus are straight from hell.

betabowl seems like an absolutely awesome new community. If you're an author or beta or a random lurker, do check it out.

This is a general Q out to peeps - when is your LJ anniversary/birthday? Is it on the day you signed up for a journal, the day you first posted an entry or something else enitrely? While I signed up for an LJ on New Year's eve, I think my first post was over 6 months later. Which makes me wonder what day I'm supposed to be flailing on.

After all the fic fests there seems to be a serious lack of H/D recs. I have three to offer, but they're all probably famous by now:

- furiosity's Before Peace (at 17 chapters so far and updates every Sunday)
- dragon_charmer's beyond fabulous harry and cat drabbles(scroll down for the first, and yes, it's Harry/Draco). Then catch up on all her daily drabbles.
- rurounihime's The Road which is epic, EPIC, I tell you.

There is only one movie I'm extremely excited about: Transformers. It feels like Jurassic Park, except instead of dinosaurs we have giant robots. Way cool. Not even all that psyched about 300 and OotP or even Spiderman 3.

The opera browser recently developed a browser version that can show videos natively (just like with regular images and text). All I can say is, it's about time.