March 27th, 2007

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Forgive the one emo post

Looking at my f-list, I can see a lot of us are in a bad place right now - whether it be jobs, classes, life in general - or in extreme circumstances, all three. I'm with y'all too - and there are times when I just wonder if things are going to work out because looking at it from different angles it still doesn't seem to mean squat.

And if RL is being a bitch, fandom doesn't really matter as much in the scheme of things except as a temporary escape from the fear, stress and doubt. And even talking about it doesn't seem to help because it doesn't get you anywhere, does it? You're still in the exact same situation.

So my question to you is - how are you? How badly has the shit hit the fan? And most importantly, are you dealing?

Feel free to post anon.