March 29th, 2007

anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

The final 3 designs...

I'M NEARLY DONE, YAY! Rather than come up with graphics people will want to change anyway, I've decided to do this:
Peeps can add their own graphics if they want XD

Had 'orrible, 'orrible sleep - and a final at 12:30 that I don't think went all that well. Luckily we get to drop the one class exam we did the worst in.

Are there new episodes of Supernatural and Smallville tonight?

Did y'all know Godiva milk chocolate drinks are available in supermarkets now? Though I think I prefer those Starbucks frapaccinos...

I didn't realize running a stop sign could get you a $170 ticket. WTF USA.

Hmm, being very random. Must be PMS.