March 30th, 2007

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Get that slash fic you always wanted written...

Even if you can't write or draw, you could still get fic! You have till April 2nd (only FOUR DAYS PEOPLE) to request your favorite slash pairings with your prompts @ slashfest - any fandom, any slash pairing and *your* prompt.

Who can say no to fabulous fic or art - especially if you've always wanted something and couldn't really do it justice yourself...

I have one request left and am torn between NaruSasu, Peter/Edmund (Narnia), Kanda/Allen (D.Gray-Man) and Masahiro/Guren (Shonen Onmyoji). Damn it, HP already took two of my prompts  >__<

Oh yeah, the catch is you can make up to 3 requests.

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anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

A shipper rec for non-shippers

If you never really *got* the Harry/Draco pairing or the fan following behind it, you might want to sink your teeth into furiosity's latest oneshot, From the Brink of Twilight. I couldn't help thinking that if I'd jumped straight from cannon into that world, it would be a rather easy transition.

Not to forget, there is sex but more importantly, an actual storyline and beyond wonderful characterization. Everything clicks so damn well. I think the world F created could fall into the category of alternate cannon IMO.

So shoo, go give it a look.