April 12th, 2007

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Hypothetically speaking...

Imagine a community holds a competition for a new layout. The winner happened to use and credit someone else's code, adding a background and header image and making some minor CSS changes.

The winner is then awarded a gift certificate and is credited in the profile of the community that uses the layout. Would this be fair to the original designer of the layout code?
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

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Okay, this is a milestone, lol.

I was just banned.

Where? From jdramas . Why? for pointing out that they had paid someone for a layout designed by someone else, and had not credited the original designer at all.
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Since I can't respond to her last comment on the community, I'll do it here:

AND as you yourself claim that you didn't realize it was based on someone else's code, I ask you, how the hell are we supposed to credit someone if we don't know?

Hon, I wasn't a member when the contest entry was submitted. The submission credits magicinabox for the CSS - but y'all didn't. I just pointed out that fact. If y'all aren't about the layout - why did you offer money for it? There seems to be a lack of logic somewhere.

And it seems like out of the two of us, you're the one who seems to be over reacting. I just commented on the situation. I didn't threaten, rant or otherwise abuse you or the community. I posted an anonymous entry in my LJ, never mentioning jdramas.

While I loved being a part of jdramas, there are other places to watch far eastern dramas. I'm just disappointed that the community has a moderator as tacky and lacking in common sense as you.