April 24th, 2007

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Catching up on things...

[001] - Firstly, let me just say that I saw Wicked in Dallas @ the Fair Park Music Hall and...IT WAS FABULOUS. I do believe that it's the best musical I've seen. The songs were fun - "Gravity" was particularly good. Fiyero was cute though I must admit, FEMMESLASH seemed to be written in neon signs in the backdrop. I now have the book to read and the sequel to find.

*is gleeful* The only thing I think I missed is Teh Sexy - Cabaret (now my second favorite staged play) was cheeky and aggressive and fun and extreme and...perfect for the stage. Wicked doesn't really go there, but when I compare it to the Wizard of Oz, it seems to connect the dots in the story so much better than the original cannon. It's published fanfiction at its finest - where it pwns the original fic ^___^

[002] - Moving on - did y'all know there was a list of all the published authors that are on livejournal? Very cool.

[003] - This search by megyal  led me to discover antiship  , an art community for joosetta  . Why is this noteworthy? Cause not only is there shiny HP art - there is unbelievably stunning Supernatural fanart too. So if you're in either fandom, you owe it to yourself to check out the artwork.

[004] - mirabellawotr  posted up her Hikaru no Go short AU fic, And I Am in Acadia. I read it a few weeks ago and it's stuck in my head forever. Unique and brilliant as her fics tend to be.

[005] - silentauror  posted War Wounds - I'm not going to spoil anything - if you ship H/D then you probably already pounced on it. Here's my oddly long rambling feedback.

[006] - Over the weekend I introduced my sister to Nodame Cantabile. Oh and she finally got an LJ - she's woodlandmaid  XD

[007] - bookshop  's squee of joy on Jin's return to KAT-TUN could be heard all the way over in Dallas XD

[008] - BTW on dramas, I'm currently trying out Hello! Miss, Bambino and Proposal Daisakusen. New anime being stalked are Heroic Age, Darker Than Black and Reideen (for now). Oh, and as always, D. Gray-Man and Naruto Shippuuden. Umm, about Naruto - the latest chapter of the manga with its generous helping of Sasuke and coiling snakes made my mind go to the gutters (definitely a norm).

[009] - In future you can expect not only the remaining request!icons but also ones with art from red_rahl  , lillithium  and maybe some other peeps (all depends on getting permission ^__^)

[010] - Oh, and I updated my userpics with 21 new icons!

[011] - I never remember but I want to send some love out to issen4  , sharona1x2  , daisy_chan  @[info]hpinsanity_recs and all the editors @ [info]hd_prophet - y'all help me keep track of the fandom goodness.
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

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I wanted to ask y'all this question for a while - what are the fics you're keeping track of? Whether it be by stalking friending, lj tracking (via tags), RSS, or just via news/rec journals. What fics do you not walk, but run screaming for when you see there's an update?

This is my own list, which has become so tiny it's quite depressing:
What fics are on your radar?
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