May 8th, 2007

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Take a breather from all that cramming...

So it's finals week and my f-list seems pretty dead 'cause RL is being mean. I want to wish all of y'all a bit of luck on those exams/interviews/jobs-from-hell. And here is a very,very short distraction - FOR EVERYONE!

Some awesome drabbles that will make your face split in half from the smiling (and dirty thoughts):

  • Mixed Genres PG-13 Crack Angst/Humor (Yes, Angst and Humor paired together!!!1!)

  • CANON RAPE R HP Fandom/FMA Fandom, Rape. Squick. Violence. Wank. Homosexuality. Spoilers. NWS, NBS Crack oh howdy.

  • SPOONFIC Collab with midnightbanshee Spoon x Spork x Fork. NBS. Crack. Suggestive cutlery.

  • TETRIS PORN R, yep. Tetris. The game with the blocks. Yep porn. Nope, not brainsafe. Crack.

  • IT'S JUST HER NATURE PG Harry Potter fandom, Hagrid, McGonagall, implied Harry x Entire Quiddich team. Not Brain Safe. Crack.

  • A PERFECT FIT PG-13 Crack Chair x Desk. Angst.

All fics are by the brilliant velvet_mace (other fandom fics can be found here on her masterlist) masterofmercury pimped out the first one and then I went searching for more XD

Oh and for all the H/D shippers on my f-list - check out missparaphilia's Advanced Charms ficlet. It's smut, but no, not your generic smut. This is Smut - complete with characterization and excellent words that not only manage to get you hot and bothered but also make your shippy hearts flail.

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