June 1st, 2007

anime - amatsuki - smile - summer


I didn't think I'd make it, but I did. My very first LJ Reboot. AWESOME.

Here's my new layout.

I waffled a lot about the design. My main goals:
  • A fresher color scheme for the spring/summer (green, green everywhere...ok, not really - there's a lot of tan and a slight accent of pink)
  • Includes links to popular areas (the book shelf as an imagemap)
  • Includes my favorite links (which happily sit at the bottom thanks to a theme layer)
  • Icons on the left and only for comments and on my friends' page
  • More images! (though I probably could have done better if I weren't out-of-state)
That's about it. Totally excited I could finally do a layout for the reboot - and despite being in Oklahoma City, nothing was going to stop me, not even the lack of proper internet. I especially can't seem to load livejournal...which means WITHDRAWL. Thank goodness for LJgate.com though.

Though I'm kind of glad I missed the bulk of the wank ^___^