June 13th, 2007

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me being odd...ignore this post, plz

Okay, I'm absolutely loving the Then and Now Icon Meme. Some posts, for instance phuck's over here, are a beacon of hope for every icon maker, since it proves that no matter how scary your icons may seem, in future they *can* improve. You just need to keep at it.

Looking at all the posts, it's easy to see that while initially most peeps seem to be all over the place in technique, they've managed to develop their own styles. Additionally, execution of these ideas has definitely improved - text, textures and beyond everything else, color. The quality of the icons now compared to the beginning is shocking especially when some peeps have been doing it only for a year.

Having said that - my post is here. Seriously? My icons have never really been all that creative - initially I never even bothered with text and textures cause I knew I'd screw it up. So everything looks so freaking simple and pathetic - especially when you see lunacat's fabulous development here or zo_cat's general awesomeness.

No wonder I'm trying to do layouts now instead >__< But, crap - ok, I'm not so pessimistic normally - ok, actually I'm just an optimistic pessimist so I'll try to be cheery even if deep down I believe I'm going to hell in a hand basket. So.

Yes, GLACIA YOU WILL IMPROVE, JUST DO WHAT YOU LIKE AND KEEP AT IT GIRL. And then you'll still suck things will be fine.
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anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

oh god (Blog Like Its The End Of The World)

The guys downstairs tend to have days when they make a *lot* of noise. I mean, there was this one time at 2am when they decided to compare creepy, long, evil laughs that were so fucking pathetic. So forgive me if I ignored the yelling and banging this morning 'cause it really seemed no different.

That is until my my wonderfully sweet roomie wakes me up at 7am, all freaked out. The swimming pool for our apartment complex was all...red. And she kept saying there were these things outside.

Now seriously, I'm gullible but come on. I didn't swallow it for a sec. But she was freaking out so bad, I went to check. The first thing I saw when I opened the blinds is this guy walking right outside the window. I was shocked and ok, I kind of yelled a bit. Next thing I know there's banging on the front door and the windows are shattering. Our living room windows are wall sized - so those guys just fell right onto our sofa. My roomie pulled me back into her room and we pushed her desk against the door.

Never have I been more thankful for buying all that rope for packing storage boxes. We climbed down from the first floor, I started my car and we drove.

I can't reach my parents and my sis drove straight out of Oklahoma City when she saw those things. She figures they're zombies - so as long as we're out of cities we'll be ok.

I wish I was with her. I wish I'd thought of the same thing. Except I'm holed up in the fine arts library. The highways must be jammed by now. Maybe we can wait it out, I don't know.

But yeah. I'm in the library. It was the only place on campus I could think of with heavy wood doors. And vending machines. And clean bathrooms.

And wireless internet.

So the world hasn't ended just yet.

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