June 17th, 2007

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Before Peace is over - it's *over*

OMG, the final chapter of Before Peace is out. This fic had me bashing my head against the wall 'cause it was so amazing - even during exam weeks I'd be thinking about it at odd intervals. After reading a chapter there'd be this sense of depression since there were, yet again, seven days of waiting for the next chapter. Draco and Harry danced all over my heart and stomped it into the ground (there were point where I'd be literally whimpering  - I'd want to alternatively glomp them and then shake them by the shoulders for being so maddening).

But. This last chapter? Was worth it. Everything comes together, and my love for Draco has never been more crazy 'cause even with all his confusion, self-denial, pride and general bullshit, I still can't help but love the guy. There are very few characters I love this much, and Before Peace brought it all back to the forefront.

Yup, with fanfiction this amazing, I'm not really stressing about the last book ^__^ 

*currently polishing F's pedestal*
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anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

catching up on the doc...

This latest episode of Doctor Who was pretty awesome. Jack was back and brilliant, the *spoiler* totally pwned everything at the end, Martha faded into the woodwork (a good thing since I'm very much "meh" over her) and the Doctor wasn't as much of a drama queen till the end. Yay!

Though the last episode, with the weeping angels? Kicked just as much ass and was actually *creepy* for me.

I was totally drawing hearts around the Doctor and Jack though ^___^