June 19th, 2007

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Here kitty, kitty, kitty

[001] My roomie got a kitty! She's just over two months old and has short but lovely medium grey fur. So far she knows her way around the food, water and litterbox and is just *fascinated* by the full length mirror. She hisses if we come close...but begins purring when we start petting her. Typical cat. The person we adopted her from named her Rain (and with her coloring, it seems to make sense ^__^) Will take pictures when I locate my camera.

[002] Anyone who is in even a single anime fandom should take a look at kyoukatabira and jounins. They're the best anime icon maker communities on lj IMO. Plus, kyoukatabira is currently doing requests (unlimited, woot!)

[013] After finding the Whomping Willows yesterday, I went in search of more Wizard Rock. I found two really good places - The Wizardrocklopedia People's Choice Awards for 2007 and the wizardrock.org band listing.

[004] Had a fun cracky and slashy read (HP fandom) called Waiting for Book Seven by Fourth Rose.

[005] Looking at my lj stats I realized that since March/April, visits per day/month have doubled o__O I don't get it. Is it the layouts? 'Cause nothing else has changed...

[006] I love the messages feature on lj! Joule in comparison is a pain, cause I can never do the daily check needed. So now I can do a shout out to the peeps who friended over the past three weeks *waves* mafaldita_coura, _vivrant, cordelia_v, cathysmith, alwayseven, le_mot_mo, roark28, alternateyou, xanphibian, libby_drew, unsentmail, pink_doom, therealjuliet, aletes_muse, irrevokable, foreversilence, zazaone, ivles, khateh, aphena, freefranticmag and dragon_charmer

Don't know all of y'all so feel free to holler and tell me anything that's making you squee currently..or rant...
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anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Kitty Vid

So this is the first and only time we're letting Rain play like this, 'cause she kinda scratched my roomie later in excitement *facepalm*. Yes, we're learning as we go...

A bit of noise so better to put on mute...

She does not eat unless you hand feed her >__< I kind of ended up pulling my hand away till it was in the bowl so that she'd go to it. Unfortunately, it's only really worked one time so far.

Oh and you can hear my roomie say "let her bite it" if you listen carefully. Mind you, this is a 4 year old camera with video so it's quality is pretty blah.
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