June 23rd, 2007

anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

baaaaaaaaaaah. bored now.

[001] My reaction to Doctor Who, Sound of the Drums: o__O


[002] Will be updating the H/D Directory soon + icons coming up! Have signed up for phuck's challenge.

[003] Have y'all seen the fabulous Golden Compass pics @ thephotobox? They are so shiny *__*

[004] As are bento boxes. I know, BENTO BOXES? But mirabellawotr knows how to tempt ppl.

[005] Decided to try using blogbackuponline.com for my lj. Who knows? If I ever need to move to wordpress or blogspot, it would definitely make things easier *wonders at extremely unlikely possibilities*.

[006] Question: is there any way to watch Stargate SG-1 online (apart from tv-links.co.uk) I've been wanting to rewatch episodes from season 4 onwards...

[007] I hate food cravings - right now I keep thinking about those mozarella, pesto and tomato sandwiches just out of the oven and totally melt in your mouth :F

[008] ETA: Oh, oh, original slash fic rec! The Jewels of Bangkok by the fabulous maderr. You've probably read her slash fairytales which PWN EVERYTHING but this gem also made my heart go thumpety thump ♥
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