June 26th, 2007

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Damn it.

[001] Spent over 9 hours trying to fix computer problems. Have given up and decided to seek help from a genius. Bloody Windows. I'm *this* close to partitioning my laptop and loading Linux Ubuntu.

[002] Try typing this in your browser: YOURUSERNAME.livejournal.com/friendsfriends?show=p
Just be aware that new posts appear practically every second. Yup, these are the friends...of your friends.

[003] Last episode of Proposal Daisakusen is out here- and I can't f*cking download it because of the above PC problems. Anyone willing to tell me the ending? Pretty please?

[004] Know of other sites like popurls.com, that make you simply marvel ( *__* ) at the internet?

[005] Found by way of static_pixie: possible DH spoilers from kaskait. They look somewhat realistic, which helped improve my mood.

[006] But this? Increases the suckage for the day to an all time high. WTF people. I think Yates read a different HBP from the one I bought. My anticipation for movie 6 has turned into GREAT ANXIETY.

If you haven't already noticed, today is not a good day. ALSO OWE A CLOSET FULL OF REPLIES *apologizes profusely*

P.S - Before all the craziness happened, I'd come across some fanart - if you loved FMA or shipped Roy/Ed check this out (kink warning) *still wonders if there's fic based on it*
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randomness and a bit of pretty.

This fabulous art perfectly captures my odd mood right now.
Most gummy bears live a short and violent life. As children, they often must see their closest friends fall prey to the appetites of humans and other assorted predators. Even those lucky enough to be accepted into the Fuzz Academy's safe environment sometimes meet their fate at the hands of their non-gummy schoolmates. Despite this hard life, gummies are known for their cheery nature and over-friendliness, which is usually what gets them into trouble in the first place.
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

A reccer's disclaimer of sorts...

I rec the stuff I like. It may be fabulously well crafted in terms of writing style or drawing abilities. Then again, it may not. Nevertheless, if I'm reccing it, then it struck a chord with me on a personal level.

There are fics that are absolutely beautifully written but left me cold. There's stick figure art that was shiny to me because of a single sweatdrop.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, recs are personal and subjective.

You may find a rec here you don't like - hell, you may even think it's bloody awful. That's fine.

However, if you find even a single bit of prettiness that makes you squee?

I'm a happy ducky.
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Women and beauty and all that jazz...

I found a Hot List of Women that I could actually appreciate. The polls for Maxim and other magazines make me want to wave a frying pan about since I can't stand most of the women on them. I just go KILL, KILL, KILL. However, the hotlist on ellenafter.com actually had a number of hits with me and not as many misses as there normally are.

Here are the women who had me going "Hell, yes." or just pleasantly surprised me:

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As with all lists that try to list the best and the greatest, there are a number of weakness, the biggest one being the lack of women overseas (europe, asia and australia) and in women who aren't in the entertainment industry (but it's understandable considering afterellen.com's focus).

Anyway, here are a few peeps who are simply stunning *and* from other parts of the world:

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Are there women who you personally think should be part of a Hot List for Women?