July 8th, 2007

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Couldn't resist...

So I'm watching Live Earth - starting out with the Tokyo performances.

(Linkin Park is ♥ and OMG, is that Abingdon Boys School? They sang the OP for D-Grayman *__*)

Unfortunately, right now I'm checking these out on youtube since the official site seems to have technical difficulties.

I NEED TO WATCH THIS ENTIRE THING. 24 hours of music from so many excellent bands- AND it's international? So we have songs in foreign languages?

Beyond Awesome.
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

live earth performances

Spent the morning looking at the highlights of Live Earth via youtube. THERE IS SO MUCH STUFF. Here are some links and bands that stood out

Linkin Park (WOOT!)
One Step Closer | Lying From You | Somewhere I Belong | No More Sorrow | From the Inside | Numb | Pushing Me Away(unplugged?) | Breaking the Habit | Crawling | In the End | Little Things | What I've Done | Faint (the final song - the crowd jumps up and down, and looks like waves in the ocean O__O)

And links to the others under cuts...
Abingdon Boys SchoolCollapse )
MadonnaCollapse )
Bon JoviCollapse )
Foo FightersCollapse )
Red Hot Chilli PeppersCollapse )
MetallicaCollapse )
Fall Out BoyCollapse )
Genesis (with Phill Collins)Collapse )
PoliceCollapse )
WolfmotherCollapse )
UB40Collapse )

And finally, we have Linkin Park's latest video for What I've Done that particularly rang true to the theme of the entire event:

*goes back to the stuff she was ignoring*
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H/D Fic Rec - The Business of Saving Souls

There are very select few fanfics you may read and know instantly that it goes beyond the average squeetastic H/D shipper fic. It hits you straight in the gut and takes you to another level. Harry and Draco don't just feel real, it actually seems like you're reading a story about their *lives* - you're right there with them and have never been more in love with your OTP.

One of these fics is The Business of Saving Souls

I rec this not just for brilliant writing - but for how deeply this fic moved me - not to mention how damn happy it made me at the end.

I admit, at the moment I don't really give a damn what happens in Book 7. Fandom owns my heart.

*still has f*cking tears in her eyes*