July 13th, 2007

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Various bits...

[001] You can download OR watch the lastest Harry Potter movie online here (scroll down for the links) - yes, that's right, Order of the Phoenix. Can't vouch for the quality though. (ETA: For now you can also copy/paste this link in your download accelerator - you need divx player to watch it btw)

[002] Authors/Artists for hd_holidays will be revealed tonight! Before that happens, try guessing a few at the guessing poll. Oh and nqdonne posted the list of participants too. I'll be compiling the various recs people made during the fest, into a single list - it might encourage shippers to check the fics out...especially if they were daunted by the tens of thousands of words churned out...

[003] Hana Kimi episode 2 + SUBS. Do I really need to say anything?

[004] rickey_a posted a sequel to the my slashfest request fic, Unlimited Partnership (♥)

[005] With the last HP book a week away (!!!), I'm getting in the mood for meta. sistermagpie's posts (like this recent one) are just awesome. Need to read more.

[006] Bento Lunches FTW. That is all.

[007] I'd lost track of the tool, popular users amongst your friends. Makes me want to friend/RSS!stalk journals.

[008] I read a Transformer!Impala fic a while back - yes, that's a fusion of Transformers and Supernatural. And my face hurt 'cause I was smiling so hard. dramaphile can take some of the crackiest oddest stuff and make us converts.

[009] IMO, If you have EVER had to deal with the horror that is customer services via telephone, you're going to relate to Technical Difficulties by clarediva

[010] Anyone have artists they tend to keep track of? Not just of fandom, but original stuff too. Can be on lj or DeviantART or anywhere really. I recently discovered 90009, whose art is shockingly beautiful. Looking for more eye candy XD