July 17th, 2007

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News article - don't worry, spoiler FREE.

via siteofrequirement.com:
Earlier today Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was leaked on the BitTorrent Peer-to-Peer network. Pictures (from a camera, not a scanner) were taken of pages of the book. It's all over the web...including the Digg main page. I was shocked to see articles on many major technology blogs happily reporting the news about the leak.

The good news is Scholastic has obtained a subpoena with intent to identify the person who leaked the book. They're also working to "remove authentic spoilers from the internet". Go Scholastic!

Also good news: The leaked "book" clocks in at 759 pages. The real book contains 784 pages, as we all know. So...could the files on BitTorrent be fake? Or maybe incomplete? Partially fake? Who knows.

Obviously we'll not be posting the link to the Torrent file here (nice try). We fully intend to read the book on Saturday like everyone else.

EDIT: It looks like Scholastic's been getting to work. Most of the Torrent files have been taken down so far. Unfortunately, with BitTorrent that's not going to stop anything.
So, any thoughts? Keep comments spoiler free to prevent gettig TOSed later.