July 21st, 2007

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Deathly Hollows: the thoughts at the forefront

Alrighty, now that the last book is next to my laptop...I think I'm going to go to sleep soon.

I was kind of psyched to get the book - I mean, it's actually IN MY HANDS. And I planned to stay up and go through it. But. I've read it already. The book's pretty awesome - first half has great potential, the second half somewhat delivers on that and the epilogue I will always look back on with fond distaste. And since I've wrapped my head around the canon, I can go to sleep without feeling all weird.

I actually want to read comments and discuss the book - meta would be lovely. But I'm guessing that'll only happen tomorrow. So.

Will go to sleep in a bit, wake up and jump into the squee - and rants.

Oh! I will say a few things though, since I've been dying to yell about them for a while now...

*copies and pastes all those thoughts that ended up on notepad*

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