July 22nd, 2007

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Ok, I'm thinking the deluge of DH posts is slowing down...maybe. Ah, screw it.

[001] Fandom can make any craptastic epilogue cracky and fun with fic like this. Two others here and here. Obviously DH spoilers abound.

[002] There were other new ships formed from the DH epilogue - some less cracky but just lovely. Don't believe it? Check out the new fic by sam_storyteller which is accompanied with fabulous art by elaboration.

[003] furiosity posted a Harry/Draco fic that is DH compliant. Meaning she makes the ship work brilliantly despite the most obvious...issues. Run over to read Indomitable. It's no wonder I wasn't really stressed about the book. FANDOM PWNS EVERYTHING.

[004] lillithium has improved on DH with a series of wonderfully cracky H/D takes on certain scenes. My favorite. This one pwns too, despite it not quite being H/D. They link to the other art pieces too.

[005] Finally something non-spoilery - but to be safe, don't read the comments. ponderosa121 did some lovely Draco art. *bounces*

[006] potterpuffs drew a couple of DH scenes. I don't really need to say anything, do I?

[007] Last piece of art for now - it's Severus...and Snape. If you've read the last book, check it out.

[008] If you haven't taken the Book 7 reaction poll, would love it if you could :) Though I'm not sure how some people are finding it...

ETA: Forgot! All the wank that follows the last book can be summed up in a single picture.