July 31st, 2007

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I was *this* close to putting up a poll asking if everyone on the f-list was still avoiding the Deathly Hallows' spoilers. Then I realised it didn't matter what the poll said.

I am on LJ for the fandom squee. Which means I hate having to worry about every second sentence I type. So...

This LJ is going without spoiler cuts now.

If you are unhappy about this, you are free to de-friend. Oh, I do have one treat for you before the farewell - fourth_rose posted a crack!fic prior to the book 7 release...I call it Harry Potter is Dead, Long Live Harry Potter.

Moving on to a post filled with squees and links to spoilery stuff...

[001] It's Harry's birthday and I almost missed it! Luckily, fourth_rose's birthday ficlet was a fabulous reminder. It's hard to go wrong with crack XD Also, lillithium's latest birthday artwork proves Draco is a hottie even with a receding hairline ♥ Happy Birthday Harry!

[002] Another Harry piece that is made of awesome and from the scene where Harry walks through the woods alone and...and yet not - credit to hime1999 and linked with her permission.

[003] slashcast and a few other HP!podcasts have been nominated @ podcastawards - do vote for them!

[004] ladyjaida posted her first original slash smut fic, Riesling. It is hot and accompanied with artwork by the stunningly talented lawrencered - *has thoughts of possible commissions in her head now*

[005] buttfacemakani posted art of the Malfoys in the last chapter of book 7. It makes me want to hug Draco to death *pouts*

[006] I just realised that the commission I got from Makani is now dubious canon! JKR said Harry would join the Auror department so...(of course she also said one moment that Ron would be working along side him too...and then said in a later interview that Ron would be helping George with the joke shop..BUT STILL)

[007] If you have read Harry Potter and have not visited last5, you should. phuck has some of the most fantastic HP icons there - the text icons are to die for.

[008] scoradh has a lovely Post-DH fic about the next generation of characters. She's got a wonderful take on Albus Severus and Scorpius - not to mention some hysterically original characters too.

[009] femmequixotic has the best post-DH Draco!fic out yet: The Years That Walk Between. I'm still recovering from how awesome it is.

[010] Some lovely recs that have been piling up:
[011] sherant did the blogathon for 2007, which meant lots and lots of art. The last piece is cracky in it's H/D love.

[012] rurounihime posted The Bedtime Story - one of the obligatory veela stories every H/D author writes - but as always her take on it is Epic, and heart wrenching and shockingly good.

[013] Don't worry, my posts will most likely get less HP intensive given time. Oh and also! I may be on hiatus for week or two from the 2nd of August - *shoots family around her killer glares*