August 29th, 2007

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piracy regarding...fanfic?

megyal pointed out that someone seemed to be distibuting fanfic via e-mail without crediting the authors. It seems like a good idea morphed into something else and the now the list of fics has been pulled down.

Just want to point out that this has been happening time and again - people want an easy to download format for fanfics (because, hey, if you're travelling, it can really be a pain to save fics chapter by chapter to a word document/pdf/html file).

Rather than saving these fics ourselves and then sharing them underground without the author's consent, it would make more sense to go up to the author, ask them if we can host downloadable versions in an *official capacity* - in a sort of archive/database of downloadable fanfic, complete with links to the author's email and lj and personal website(s).

This way the whole of fandom wins cause readers get the quick solution for fanfic while on the move and authors get credit and exposure.
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

back to the bullets

[001] Mirrored my LJ onto GJ, JF and IJ. So the content is safe from trigger happy LJ bureaucrats. That's pretty much all I'm doing - not planning on moving anytime soon, 'cause the hassle would probably make me run all the way back to RL. However, am unable to get cross-posting to work in Semagic, despite following step by step instructions in several guides *shrugs*

[002] Akanishi Jin is going to be in the drama, Yukan Club, this October and his hair is going to be PINK: "The story is a comedy revolving around six wealthy and popular high school students who solve mysteries and in their free time, amuse themselves lavishly. Akanishi plays Miroku Shochikubai, the son of the police commissioner."

[003] Beautiful tattoo + OTP love = link_worshiper's back. So many colors, so much time and the pain? Totally worth it.

[004] If you've been looking for post-DH communities, here's a useful list of them all.

[005] There's a fabulous father!Draco drabble by amanuensis1

[007] The new layout for hd_inspired is up and running. luci0logy and dragon_charmer were awesome enough to put up with all my pesky questions regarding, well, everything XD

[008] Reading Draco and Scorpius made me go back down memory lane for young!Draco fic. There are some along the theme:
[009] For something a bit random: The Idiot's Guide to BNFdom.