September 12th, 2007

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[001] I don't usually read SGA fic - but issen4 flagged down Written by the Victors, a fic by cesperanza that is written in *footnotes*- let me repeat, FOOTNOTES. Only just begun but it is AMAZING. Why hasn't anyone done this before? It is beautiful ;__;

[002] For the past week I've been constantly surprised by gorgeous stock icons - I admit, after seeing _rhea's latest post, I am now tracking her stock icons tag.

[003] earth_magic pointed out the Scorpius sky - do I need to say anything more?

[004] Okay, okay FIRST was the Harry Potter Random Facts Fest - this resulted in libby_drew's 20 Random Facts about Scorpius Malfoy - a delightful read in itself. And to top it all off we have a fic *based* on it - Sins of the Fathers by blamebrampton. I don't really know what to say about it but now when I think of the AS/S ship I think of this fic.

[005] Did y'all;dr = too long; don't read = TEAL DEER? lyra_wing can be...interesting, to say the least.

[006] If you have watched Shounen Onmyouji - issen4 (always awesome for recs) pointed out And All Comes to Ash, by nekokoban - I think this is the one author who kind of defines that fandom's fanfiction for me.
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Fic Rec

If you read only one Star Gate Atlantis fic IN YOUR LIFE, let this be it:

If you look at the original lj fic post, there are 18 pages of comments so far. It is that amazing.

It goes beyond pairings and characters. It's history and life and Atlantis. Damn it - I think I have a crush on cesperanza now.

Notice: Actually, even if you've never seen SGA, approach this fic as an original fic. Or hell, wiki SGA and read the character profiles and then read it. Don't let fandom differences sway you, 'cause brilliant fic is brilliant fic. I just stayed up all night reading this. I can't even put my emotions into words. Bloody hell. It a fic that can make you fall in love with a fandom.

Child of ETA: Y'know, I'm reading all the posts reccing this fic (on technorati) and in the past 6 days since the fic hit the internet there's been this rippling shockwave as a whole fandom stops and kinds of just FLAILS WITH LOVE. It is fabulous.

Grandchild of ETA (y'all knew it was coming): Favorite recs of this fic are here, here and here.
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(no subject)

I've always wanted to see a realistic take on an AU HP fic where Voldemort never existed - because say what you like, the HP series was always about Voldie. How different would the world have been without the events he set into motion? Or better yet, how similar would it be? How much would the characters we love be altered...yet stay the same?

I've noticed a lot of people hate the idea of throwing canon out the window...I gotta admit though - I love me some AUs, whether they be cracktastic or create a wholly realistic world. And ultimately all of fanfiction is an AU world of what ifs.

Anyway, so if you were going to write a "Voldie? Voldie Who?" fic, what would it be like IYO?
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amanuensis1 posted a James/Scorpius drabble for me O__O - I haven't felt this good since I read my first J/S bit by meiface

sulky_rhino and I aren't really all that great with naming stuff XD We need a name for a new comm - it'll be used to host a survey for new H/D fandom favorites - would anyone have any suggestions? All I can think of is hd_fandomfaves :(