September 15th, 2007

anime - amatsuki - smile - summer


[001] Are your custom user/comm pics not showing? LJ has edited their code so if you want to see your mini-icons again, you need to make adjustments, as xtranew (♥) points out. Thank you lj for fucking with my weekend. I did not want to have to go through all my layers and individual css style sheets and fix the code that you've broken for me.

[002] Snaps cup meme - with me here. Make this moment less shitty

[003] kawaii_not makes life cute and snarky again.

[004] tarie pointed out that Barak has resigned from 6A. Could this lead to less LJ wank in future? Let's hope so.

[005] First my sis and now shabzilla - I want a salwar kameez ;_; People need to stop showing me all the pretty colors and designs.

[006] Okay, name the short term survey comm sulky_rhino and I are doing for the selection of fandom favorites:
Poll #1055693 Name that comm!

Y'all should name the community:

TICKY BOX (i.e. the choices suck)

[007] The 20 facts meme now has a James/Scorpius twist! Two sets of facts that had me bouncing earlier: here and here

[008] I began searching for SGA icons and ended up joining lantis_lims - won't last long but might learn some tricks: