September 19th, 2007

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HP recs - Percy!fics

I never thought I'd find a character in the HP fandom who pushes my buttons like Draco does. nqdonne proved me wrong with her Percy fic recs.

The Office - percy_ficathon @ insanejournal
Percy likes to get to work early and stay late for one particular reason: his proclivity for wanking off to Oliver Wood's office supplies.
Note: light, cracky and kinky. Pr0n is one of the easiest ways to get introduced to new characters and pairings...

Comfort in the Quietness - hpfamilyfuncest @ insanejournal
Charlie likes to be there for his brother.
Note: For people who read SPN, particularly Wincest - this fic is right up your alley.

Learning How Eternity Works - percy_ficathon @ insanejournal
Alone in an unfamiliar place, Percy finds his own way. (Percy/Cedric)
Note: If Cedric is in the equation then most likely the characters are both dead. But this is an After-life!fic and is peaceful and happy and lovely.

In Words and Deeds - percy_ficathon @ insanejournal
Percy has problems. Not the least of which is that Harry Potter happens to be his brother-in-law.
Note: Favorite fic in the fest. It's realistic and believable and I can definitely see it happening. IMO, if there is only one fic you're going to read, this is it.

If you end up liking Percy as much as I did, nqdonne has more Percy recs here. Also check her latest posts and frecksandspecs