September 21st, 2007

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FullMetal Alchemist: after canon :)

This is for aoifeic - some useful FMA!fandom links - primarily for Teh Fic.

Fic RecsFanart on DeviantARTOne thing that's probably unique to the FMA fandom, are the AU worlds that have been created by killer!bunnies. There are whole communities dedicated to them, one of which is the alter_series - you can read about it in the user info and read the canon fics here.

There are two main archives I'm familiar with: scimitarsmile and toukakoukan

Ship Manifestos: Roy/Ed (♥), Ed/Al and more...

FMA Rec ListsHopefully, that'll be a good base to start out from. The fic recs are particular favorites of mine and I didn't see the point of waxing poetic about them, when the rec lists manage to do it for me, and with far better wording XD