October 13th, 2007

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Book rec: Hero by Perry Moore

I went on a reading binge, getting books from amazon and the local B&N store and finally struck gold.

Title: Hero by Perry Moore
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Teens, Homosexuality

Summary: Thom Creed is used to being on his own. Even as a high school basketball star, he has to keep his distance because of his father. Hal Creed had once been one of the greatest and most beloved superheroes of The League—until the Wilson Towers incident. After that Thom's mother disappeared and his proud father became an outcast.

The last thing in the world Thom would ever want is to disappoint his father. So Thom keeps two secrets from him: First is that he's gay. The second is that he has the power to heal people. Initially, Thom had trouble controlling his powers. But with trail and error he improves, until he gets so good that he catches the attention of the League and is asked to join. Even though he knows it would kill his dad, Thom can't resist.

When he joins the League, he meets a motley crew of other heroes, including tough-talking Scarlett, who has the power of fire from growing up near a nuclear power plant; Typhoid Larry, who makes everyone sick by touching them, but is actually a really sweet guy; and wise Ruth, who has the power to see the future. Together these unlikely heroes become friends and begin to uncover a plot to kill the superheroes.

Along the way, Thom falls in love, and discovers the difficult truth about his parents' past. This is a moving, funny, and wonderfully original novel that shows that things are not always what they seem, and love can be found in the unlikeliest of places.

Me: I just loved this. This novel had slash, an excellent voice for the main character, Thom, and superheroes - in a way that got away from the cliches and made everything just *awesome*. Reading about Thom, his relationship with his father, his new teammates, him coming to terms with his powers and his sexuality...damn, this book was so easy to fall into and read and LOVE.

This book has 428 pages and I couldn't put it down - it was incredibly easy to jump into and reaching the ending left me incredibly satisfied...and wisftul, 'cause I'd fallen in love with the characters. I want to read more about them, damn it.

On a side note, the general world reminded me of that of the Incredibles where superheroes and supervillians are a part of life - though "Hero" deals with adult themes as well as your regular coming of age story.

If you've spent any time online looking for original slash fics, try this book out. Or if you're a comic book fan - certain powers and characters immediately made me think of DC and Marvel heroes which just made me snicker madly. XD

Check it out @ amazon